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Reliable, scalable, and easy installation
Pros and Cons
  • "The solution is scalable and we have plans to increase usage in the future."
  • "This solution is open-source and they need to focus on improving the Linux Operating Systems' GUI. It does not have a GUI making it not user-friendly. Additionally, the containers need to improve security and compliance."

What is our primary use case?

In our team, we need to develop virtualization infrastructure and provide a specific environment for the developer and software engineers to migrate microservices and new applications in an environment based on containers. Therefore, we need to build and create a new platform. We established a container engine called Docker and a distributed open-source orchestrators, such as Kubernetes, to manage lots of containers in the environment.

How has it helped my organization?

The organization has a lot of microservices for websites and mobile applications that need to scale easily horizontally and vertically. I am directly responsible for building a Docker environment for the organization for their applications and microservices. Our developers have provided the organization with the benefit of the scalability and availability of the applications. By using Docker Engine and the environment, they can easily run their application in different containers and schedule different hosts. It is simple to scale the applications, check the health and availability.

The most benefits of the containers are resolving the portability of the applications from the developer environment to the production, as well as the ability to scale easily.

What needs improvement?

This solution is open-source and they need to focus on improving the Linux Operating Systems' GUI. It does not have a GUI making it not user-friendly. Additionally, the containers need to improve security and compliance.

For how long have I used the solution?

I have been using this solution for approximately two years.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

Docker is not stable itself because it is an engine to run containers, and whenever a container is shut down, your data is lost, and you need to restart the containers. However, if you want to receive more stability, you need to use container orchestrators, such as Docker Swarm, or Kubernetes along with Docker. Docker is not perfect itself, you need to use additional software or another orchestration system to make it more stable.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

In my company, approximately 10 software engineers and developers are working directly on Docker Engine. In the infrastructure environment, we have two members, myself and another colleague. We build and manage the Docker environment and infrastructure. My main responsibility in my company is providing and developing container solutions, establish and supporting their Docker environment and orchestration systems.

The solution is scalable and we have plans to increase usage in the future.

How are customer service and technical support?

I learned Docker and Kubernetes myself based on online files, such as educational materials published on the websites and at the Dockers website.

Unfortunately, due to sanctions in my country, we cannot access the official support by searching Google for Kubernetes or the Mirantis company that provided and support Docker. Therefore, we need to solve many problems based on online materials available on the internet. For specific more complex and critical problems, we communicate and negotiate with one of our partners in Europe.

It would be better to provide an online lab for providing Docker environments on the Docker website. This would allow any engineers who are looking to work on a Docker environment access to the environments on the website where they can easily work and manage Docker containers freely on the internet. Additionally, Docker should publish some presentations about new features. For example, they could provide a specific channel for interaction between engineers who are working on the Docker to share their knowledge. The Docker community is not great in comparison with VMware or Microsoft community.

How was the initial setup?

Docker installation is very straightforward because you can easily install Docker Engine based on the instruction provided on the Docker website. It is an easy four or five steps process. 

If you have good knowledge about the installation process, it can be installed in five minutes. However, if you do not have any information about the prerequisites of the installation, it can be difficult. You need to provide lots of prerequisites, such as install services. Without previous knowledge, it could take four or five hours.

What about the implementation team?

I did the implementation of the solution myself. My main responsibility is conducting proof of concept, as well as implementing and helping to develop new solutions for Docker and Kubernetes.

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

The solution is open-source and free to try.

What other advice do I have?

I rate Mirantis Container Cloud a nine out of ten.

Which deployment model are you using for this solution?

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Mirantis Questions

Julia Frohwein
Content and Social Media Manager
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Jul 22 2021

If you were talking to someone whose organization is considering Mirantis Container Cloud, what would you say?

How would you rate it and why? Any other tips or advice?

7 Answers
Miriam Tover
Content Specialist
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Jul 22 2021

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

8 Answers
Miriam Tover
Content Specialist
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Jul 22 2021

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with Mirantis Container Cloud.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

9 Answers
Miriam Tover
Content Specialist
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Jul 22 2021


We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

5 Answers
Julia Frohwein
Content and Social Media Manager
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Jul 22 2021

Hi Everyone,

What do you like most about Mirantis Container Cloud?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community!

9 Answers