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7 days ago
Off the cuff, I would suggest Nagios.   Unfortunately, the OSE doesn't provide any support though it does offer a limited support agreement. So, if you have a good Unix or Linux administrator who can supply the needed amount of time to configure everything then it's free…
2 months ago
I have done the product for 22 plus years, whenever it was called OpC.  Some of that is still around in the last version I worked with 10.7x. I’m afraid that since Micro Focus bought the product it’s DOA, they don’t have any partners like HP had, independent consultants…
7 months ago
Control M has been around for a long time,  others are trying to get into the market,  I have used Tivoli Workload Scheduler and a HP scheduler both have problems at least in earlier versions,  didn't see the same kinds of problems with Control M. 
About 2 years ago
- How scalable is it - Does it integrate with other tools to provide a full suite of services for your entire enterprise? - What platform does it take: Unix, Linux, Windows or all three. Many only work on certain operating systems. - What level of support is needed…
About 2 years ago
Operations Bridge Manager is far to expensive and takes multiple servers to set up, minimally three (3) two gateways and a DPS server. Backend CMDB is inefficient in that when you have other datasources duplicates occur which takes someone who knows how to extract the…
About 2 years ago
I installed it in my AWS and Google cloud computing environments. Following the documentation explicitly, logs all indicated successful results yet neither environment was able to open up the GUI to confirm it was functional. I opened a support case which I've done with…
About 2 years ago
I've installed it in my cloud environments, unfortunately, I cannot render the GUI back to my Mac or Windows system. Definitely doesn't work for use with my Termux. Wouldn't consider it as enterprise-level software.
Over 3 years ago
Great features are IT Universe and Modeling Studio where extensive TQL’s can be written to enhance deployment of policies and creating views for customers. Monitoring Automation makes policy deployment extremely customizable and efficient allowing your monitoring team more…
Over 3 years ago
Having used many solutions including SCOM, I agree it works well with Windows systems, but I don’t think that *NIX Administrators or Network Administrators find it as user friendly as other monitoring solutions, aka Nagio, Big Brother, Solar Winds, while it has improved, it…
Over 4 years ago
Control M then IBM's product called Tivoli workload scheduler.
Almost 5 years ago
While the legacy tools up to On my way!, OMU and OML are very robust, scalable and well designed. HP went off to doing a redesign of the suite. I have worked with the product ( At least I have seen ) every version from 2.0 . BSM and now OMi up to version 10.12 while having…
Over 5 years ago
While OEM ( Oracle Enterprise Manager ) does do a good job of monitoring Oracle Databases and Solaris Zones ( Something other ESM products have a little problem with seeing things like actual CPU...Memory etc...etc of zones ) it does not do a great job with granularity of…
Almost 6 years ago
I have seen MOM the predisessor of SCOM 2007, now 2012 which was limited in its scope. Capabilities were indeed minimal compared with other enterprise monitoring solutions. In 2007 The tool improved markedly. Now in my view it is the defactor enterprise monitoring tool…
About 6 years ago
Unfortunatly HP has an that the OM product will become obsolescent per the below link; http://support.openview.hp.com/encore/omi-8_x-9_0x.jsp?jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_c-001_title_r0002 I have had four previous customers who used the product review the BSM product and…
Over 6 years ago
The road map for this product indicates a move to a different strategy and tool to monitor enterprise environments. OMi will eventually suplant all previous versions of OM-W, OM-U and OM-L. The web interface will be a lot more user friendly. I have worked with the tool in…



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