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MQ infrastructure for more than 20 tenants working

3000 people affected
4 people managed
24 month project

Project Description

MQ infrastructure for more than 20 tenants working in 4 operation Centers.

We developed a complete infrastructure with (today) more than 80 Services; mostly standardised for 20 tenants in Windows 2016 Servers. Parts of our application (around 10) that needed integration run in 2 Hosting Centers, the smaller part in 2 other Centers. We set up our own tools to generate a release for each tenant within minutes from specifications. We also included monitoring of MQ with infrared360.

Lessons Learned

Trying to get some standards earlier.

Complications included Windows Server and IBM MQ high availbility; as well as a delicate management of suppliers, as all the application integrated are from suppliers.


received a promotion
support from colleagues


large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule
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