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9 months ago
When making a decision look at 5 years' TCO. For example, Fortigate is cheap to buy the first-year but the support to keep security functions running can get expensive over time!  My suggestion is to look at firewalls that do not require subscriptions - the reason is that…
Over 1 year ago
Agent-based system but able to correlate agent discoverer hosts with network scanning (avoiding duplicates) Comprehensive and documented APIs so you can download data and orchestrate the platform as needed.  Reporting portal with capabilities similar to PowerBI, Splunk, or…
Over 1 year ago
Qualys is clearly the winner, especially with the new VMDR offering. 
Over 1 year ago
The vulnerability management consists of multiple phases, one of them is vulnerability posture acquisition (basically scanning for vulnerabilities). There are clear advantages in obtaining vulnerability information very frequently (i.e. almost continually) and this is best…
Over 1 year ago
Short answer: No. Long one: start with vulnerability assessment for your key systems. These are: a) anything accessible to the Internet, b) your end-user devices (PC, laptops, mobile). To cover these two (and more), I can recommend Qualys which we have been using, designing…
Over 1 year ago
Hi, I see an immediate issue "Server 2008 R2." That implies old web server software. You are much better off to migrate this website/web application to a cloud provider (such as AWS or Azure) and use their security services - such as web application firewall, DDoS protection…

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