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6 months ago
There are many automated DAST & SAST tools but from my perspective, there is no tool that can give you fully automated penetration testing, as most of the pentesting efforts are manual and depend on the professional and their way of thinking.  Also, you can use a variety of…
9 months ago
SAST - Veracode, goes well with integration DAST - Either Microfocus Webinspect or Burp Suite Professional or OWASP ZAP (Open Source) Component Scanning - Blackduck or Sonatype Nexus Platform or Whitesource Bolt  Vulnerability Auditing - Nessus & CIS - CAT ( Assessor Pro)…
10 months ago
Yes OWASP ZAP is a good option as it's an open source so always preferred but Burp Suite Pro  will give you more options, its one of the best tool to have for pentesters so defo worth it.