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Almost 4 years ago
IBM QRadar - because of ease of deployment and management. Plus the cost for expansion is much higher with Splunk. But if money is not an object and you have tech savvy security people go for Splunk. It's the best in class for log management and correlation
Almost 4 years ago
By pure market rankings Symantec is a much better product and has a higher detection rate than MS Defender. However, if your environment is development heavy or file usage heavy, the impact on performance will be high when using Symantec EP and going to Defender is a…
Over 6 years ago
Commented on Qradar vs. ArcSight
Glen, the conclusion is that, for every situation, the choice of SIEM is different. In my opinion, ArcSight is better when you have a lot of complicated integrations, use cases, however, QRadar is a much better all rounder.
Almost 7 years ago
Gartner Magic Q for 2014 actually lists both Cisco and FortiGate as Challengers with FortiGate scoring better than Cisco. Cisco ASA has been the mainstay of Enterprise Firewalls for a long time, however, compared to the amount of features Firewalls flaunt today, Cisco…
Almost 7 years ago
Contributed a review of IBM QRadar: Qradar vs. ArcSight
About 7 years ago
RSA Envision is no longer being sold as a SIEM by EMC. Instead they have moved on to Security Analytics (SA) based on the acquired Netwitness platform. RSA Envision is more of a Log Management tool than SIEM. I would recommend to see the entire comparison between various…



About 7 years ago
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


Over 6 years ago
Log Management

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