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About 2 months ago
15 years ago was the one time I chose to use PowerDesigner over Erwin Data Modeler was for a project where we have hundreds of pl/sql ETL scripts that needed to be run in a specific order for specific tables. PowerDesigner had the ability to store the pl/sql within  the data…
5 months ago
My advice is to consider the advantages of one-stop shopping - do you like going to 5 different stores to get what you need?  Having all of the information to support your work and Enterprise in a single location saves both time and money in the project, data design,…
9 months ago
Thanks for the great review! How do you find the interaction between the cloud instance of DIS obtaining metadata from on-prem DBMS solutions?
12 months ago
It's difficult to name one thing I like most about erwin DM. The integration with DIS is key to helping an organization understand their data, and the forward engineering of ddl automates code generation, reducing manual effort, increasing consistency with governed naming…

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