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About me

Experienced Cyber Security Professional with more than 25 years experience in IT management, virtualization, networks, IT service design, service transition, provider management, information security and operations, and adult education. I have qualifications in IT security management, information security, IT risk management and various IT technical topics.

I work to establish security programmes and effectively protect global or complex business areas from cyber and insider threats to IT and OT, while keeping an eye on pragmatic and economical solutions. In addition to technology, security must focus intensively on the human aspect, which includes both awareness and usability.

I am currently working on the implementation of an Information Security Management System based on ISO 27001, the integration of a Third Party Risk Management and the establishment of a worldwide CSIRT team bast on NIST framework. Security must be a factor that contributes to the differentiation and growth of the company, while providing a corporate fabric of protection and proactive defense.

From what I have learned over the years, especially by working closely with people from different cultures around the world, there is never just one right solution. My goal is to find the best solution for today, but one should never stop looking for a better solution for tomorrow.

Interesting Projects and Accomplishments