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11 months ago
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Although in our company we didn't require to conduct a security review before choosing an infrastructure monitoring solution, we have particularly look about the authentication method. Talking about user's accounts, groups and permissions. One tip we have used, was to look…
About 2 years ago
Someone who does not know anything about monitoring and technicals terms, could ask : 1 - What are the functional areas of the solution : Fault managenement, security management, performance management, configuration management or accounting management ? ( according to…
About 2 years ago
Hello Dror Mor We faced network fluctuation's monitoring. Knowing that, the common cause of link flap is a physical layer issue such as a bad cable or bad Gigabit Interface converter card, looking about infrastructures monitoring really seems to be a way to localize…
Over 2 years ago
Very interesting your Zabbix review, For me, i have not yet test DBforBIX, and, if you want, i would like to share your experience in some points.