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5 months ago
The biggest question is how much work do you want to do?  With Nagios you have templates to use - so long as you have the same devices, you are good to go.  If you have other devices, then you will need to do some exploring on SNMP and need to look for the OIDs that you need…
11 months ago
@MauriceWhite I love extraHop and use it and extend it with triggers.  But - it does not tell me anything about the Network Interfaces and ensuring they are healthy.  What else did you find for your 47 datacenters? 
11 months ago
@reviewer1140534  - -Tell me more -  feel free to PM me.
11 months ago
In Open Source - anything that can read the SNMP MIB of the Interface will work. But it does not tell you why it is being used - - Considered my other comment.
11 months ago
One I am looking closely at is AppNeta. They have an appliance that can digest the flow and do a better job than Netflow. The other one we are using is ExtraHop.  This has both a Datacenter High Volume version and also an Appliance one could use at a remote Facility.…
Over 4 years ago
The most surprising part using this product is finding out all the other systems that your application server is communicating with. Normally in a Wireshark study I would have to exclude this 'noise' so I could focus on the what I through was the real traffic interactions…
Over 4 years ago
Hi Saleem Arshed - - Perhaps we could work together on that task to share with this Discussion Board. Feel free to contact me on your ideas. Henry -
Over 7 years ago
AppDynamics, New Relic & CA Technologies? It all depends on the problems you want to solve. They all have their strengths. CA is long in the tooth (old) and with NetQoS has new life being pushed into it, but making it all fit is a challenge. Also with CA you may have to…
Over 7 years ago
While I do not have the product, I would lead you to ask some more questions. Does it help you know where the messages are going to and thus discover the whole path of the message request / reply? In a thought to be simple MQ / Broker system we were surprised to…

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