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Over 4 years ago
Hi Becky. I chose Fortigate mainly because it provides the capabilities to provide logical separate firewall instances to multiple customers. These logical firewall are know as VDOMs. I have the partitions the physical fw devices to multiple logical units thus saving costs.
Almost 5 years ago
Hi, there is a table in which lists FortiOS security profile features and shows whether they are available in flow-based or proxy-based inspection modes. You can access it at…
Over 6 years ago
To monitor traffic utilization, I will recommend Manageengine OpManager, assumming snmp is configured on the monitored router. It gives you Rx/Tx Total bytes transferred, Errors and Discards, Traffic, Traffic Utilization and error rate.
Over 6 years ago
Yes, we have 3 x 1Gbps and 1 x 155Mbps. We have four internet breakouts in different cities around the country and three of them are 1Gbps each. The fourth internet breakout is 155Mbps. There's only 2 ASA which are still on 8.3 and all others have been upgraded to 9.1. The…
Over 6 years ago
The most important criteria is the monitoring tool must be vendor neutral to cover most networking brands out there, and should use open standards like snmp. It should not require additional software agents to be installed on the nodes to be monitored

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