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8 months ago
Aggregation and correlation: Agreeing on the right responses below. Aggregation takes place during the flow of the real-time events to reduce duplicate events generated from the same source. Aggregation of the event can be adjusted in a few of the SIEM solutions to reduce…
Almost 2 years ago
Choose as per your infrastructure requirement Top UEBA solutions are here Solutions are arranged in alphabetical order, along with features we were able to obtain from vendor information. At the bottom of this article is a chart breaking down some of the features of…
Almost 2 years ago
Information Security Solution with Log management (Primary) Analytics (Secondary)
Almost 2 years ago
All three security solutions are defined and different smartness they hold it all depends on how is your requirement. Securonix UEBA is a Hadoop bases UEBA technology tool the tools understand the infrastructure and users and then work accordingly. (Wide Customer industry…

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