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14 days ago
@Evgeny Belenky Tooling is quite important when it comes to testing security vulnerabilities of the applications and the infrastructure that includes the Network, Servers, Storage, etc.  Especially if the industry you are working with is Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail,…
About 1 month ago
Insurance, Banking and Financial Industry is a highly compliant driven industry, where compliance, security is the topmost priority. Any solution devised, planned, implemented and executed should be looked at from a good lens of Compliance, Governance, Security of Data and…
About 1 month ago
Hi @Celestine, It's about catching the long tail for most of the SMB / SMEs who cannot afford large/big RPA vendors and Integrators and are always on the lookout for cost-effective RPA solutions for automating their processes. It's about what unique you can offer in terms…
4 months ago
Microsoft SharePoint is the flagship collaboration and content management product from Microsoft has over the years moved on to a much bigger role in the functionality and has now been used as an application development platform. It's now being used for developing…
5 months ago
Is there a way to calculate the Number of BOTs required Per Process that is being automated or How many processes would a single BOT execute. BOT vs Process calculation
5 months ago
how do i create a RPA Business Case, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and ROI for implementing an RPA Solution for about 21 Customer backoffice processes.

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