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6 months ago
In many years of working in secure environments, I have found a combination of MS BitLocker on the local machines O365 E3-E5 and adding on Barracuda Essentials https://www.barracuda.com/prod...   works great. Encryption is only a very small part of protecting against cyber…

About me

I am an long term tech guy. I first started working in technology at an early age when my only access to a computer was hanging out at a Radio Shack computer center and learning Basic on a Color Computer 80. Once I turned 16 and was able to work they hired me as a retail sales person and I been in technology every since.

Over the years, I've worked at many large companies including Tesla Motors, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, etc. I have seen technologies come and go and have a very good idea of which ones work well and which don't.