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Both Splunk and Q-Radar will likely meet your baseline requirements. And both offer solutions partnered with orchestration tools for your current automation needs. The one differentiator I highly recommend you look at is available integrations - which integrations with…
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Answered a question: Is IBM BigFix Better Than SCCM?
BigFix is the obvious choice in these scenarios: Scale (e.g. 50K endpoints and well beyond), Heterogenous Endpoint Support via single pane of glass (e.g. *nix distros, Windows, macOS, etc), Requirement for Vulnerability Remediation with High First Pass Success Rate (e.g. you…



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Michelle is a results-oriented person that focuses on delivering solutions that allow for the most people or organizations to win. Michelle's style is a strong emphasis on collaboration and cross functional relationship management.

Michelle has over 20 years of focus in Endpoint Management with an emphasis on workflow customization and workflow automation.

Currently working as Offering Manager for BigFix at HCL, Michelle is focusing on current and long-term strategy as well as product excellence in partnership with IBM.