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9 months ago
Hi, Not sure about your business needs for an AI-enabled firewall system. I haven't seen such a feature for networking policies or IPS in FortiOS 7, but if you have the anti-virus model license, you can try the FortiSandbox which is AI-powered. 
10 months ago
@Amin Amor Thank you for your comments. I understand your challenges in managing the BYOD environment.  As I mentioned in this post, Wi-Fi 6 has been deployed in the Student Hub with positive feedback from students, recently in the administrative building.  I am not paid…
Almost 2 years ago
Apart from the Pros and Cons pointed out in this discussion, I would add one that a separate virtual machine is required to manage a Cisco NGFW or Checkpoint box, but ForitGate doesn't. In 2016, my colleague and I selected PA as the university perimeter firewall, but two…