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Almost 5 years ago
Answered a question: ForeScout vs. Cisco ISE
Unfortunately I don't have any exposure to ISE... As far as authentication of wireless devices on Forescout, it's easy to hijack and present a AD login page provided you allow the hijack traffic through the ACL's, as the appliance already has LDAP connections with your AD…
Over 5 years ago
We have a number of mpls sites, but the majority of our sites are vpn... we don't send any data to public ip addresses, it's all on internal ip space.
Almost 6 years ago
Great review! For 3rd party integrations, their plugins are extensive. They have one for Splunk but of course will feed syslog without anything additional.
Almost 6 years ago
Why are you still using version 5.x? Upgrade to 7, many improvements have been made both functionally and Security.

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