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9 months ago
On the one hand, A backup solution is part of a bigger one which is named Disaster recovery and business continuity. The importance of BC and DR is depended on company size. If we categorized companies into three segments small, medium, and large companies, we can offer…
11 months ago
Both storage systems are perfect, whatever choosing depends on customer needs. What are you looking for (primary storage, Cloud Storage, Full Flash, Archive, BigData, Enterprise NVMe Scale-Out Data Platform)? How many IOPS are demanding? Latency? ... Hitachi Virtual…
About 2 years ago
I have been working on both Linux (RHEL from RedHat and OLE from Oracle) in many projects for more than 10 years now. firstly, RHEL is the main Linux Distribution whereas OLE is just a clone version of RHEL with some enhancements in Kernel to makes it more compatible with…
Over 2 years ago
Ubuntu is considered a good distribution for beginners. The operating system was intended primarily for personal computers (PCs) but it can also be used on servers.
Over 2 years ago
Both distributions have similar pricing strategies. RHEL and SLES support many of the same architectures, including ARM64, x86-32, x86-64; and Power Architecture, and they are both suited for servers, mainframes, and workstations. SuSE linux administration is a bit easier…


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Operating Systems (OS) for Business
Over 2 years ago
Operating Systems (OS) for Business


About me

I have worked for more than 15 years in different industries such as banking, automotive, telecommunication, healthcare, Internet data centers, and private data centers. I have worked as an IT Consultant, a Team Leader, and a data center solution architect in the past 5 years.
I help customers to specify, source and implement the most appropriate SAN Storage solutions, to match their operating environment, growth, and budget. Vendor-independent and based on customers requirements, I use the leading manufacturers of products including EMC(Unity, VNX, CLARiiON), HP(XP, 3PAR), Hitachi(VSP), NetApp(FAS8000), Cisco(MDS), Brocade, and follow a best practice process which includes;
Requirements analysis
Specification & high-level design
Detailed design
I have worked with seasoned technical professionals with diversified experiences to perform risk and threat assessment, backup and recovery planning, and server/site redundancy planning. I have performed periodic audits of our customers' business continuance plans to test organizational readiness.
track record of building and maintaining stable/scalable infrastructures. Skilled team leader, direct multiple tasks effectively and master innovative technologies within fast-paced environments to ensure top performance.
I have a web site that I share my experience with everyone who likes this field.