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The biggest difference is that QRadar brings a lot of interesting embedded functionalities (UBA, Watson, DataFlow) that makes the difference from a cybersecurity perspective, whereas Splunk is more open than QRadar. Both Splunk and IBM QRadar are amazing technologies for…

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- Eighteen years’ experience in IT with a solid background in outsourcing practices, contracts negotiation, being creative and business-oriented
- Large experience in IT and Information Security areas managing projects to attend business objectives on local and international operations
- Seven years’ managerial experience implementing state-of-the-art IT and Information Security environments from scratch, including virtualization, storage, network, VoIP, database, collaboration, OS, PCI-DSS, SIEM, Cloud, Threat Intelligence, Advanced Persistent Threats, Big Data and more
- Participation on international projects
- Project Management and Information Security Auditing
- Speaker in Information Security and Business Continuity awareness events (Brazil and USA)
- Computer Incident Team Leader
- Strong Leadership skills regarding to build high performance teams

Specialties: Project Management, Information Security, Competitive Analysis, IT Financing, Virtualization, Datacenter, Consolidation, Purchasing, IT Operations and IT Architecture.