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Manage a project of HA/DR using MIMIX Availability

2 month project

Project Description

Manage a project of HA/DR using MIMIX Availability and MIMIX for Power HA, with 80 Ibm i nodes, which 20 production Lpars.

The architecture requested should be easy to manage and easy to monitor, not coordinate by IBM I Cluster service in other world with MIMIX configured in non-Cluster manner.

There were 3 physical IBM I servers with 20 Lpars for each one, plus 20 more Lpars for backup purpose within of the DR system (300 km of distance from the Production and HA systems), replicate in cascade mode. 

The production and backup nodes were in Farm, located in owned DataCenter. Power HA was used to replicate by HW DS8700 all objects supported in iASP and MIMIX to replicate all the other objects in *SYSBASE and for journals management.

MIMIX Availability was installed and configured on each node with only one the MIMIX instance, within SYSBAS. In this configuration MIMIX Availability together with MIMIX for Power HA could be configured with all the system definitions like '*MGT Management System', so the replication rules are distributed automatically within the MIMIX instance on each Data Group system's replication pair.

For switchover and/or failover the procedures combine the IBM Power HA operations and MIMIX procedures.


support from colleagues

Technologies Used

Technical Certifications Used

  • MIMIX Availability 8
  • IBM i Power 8 Technical

Interesting Documents

  • Empoli (IT)43.719510.9445
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