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Ground-up implementation of enterprise eCommerce platform

16 people managed
12 month project

Project Description

Ground-up implementation of enterprise B2B eCommerce platform. No existing eCommerce application. Executed Project definition, scope, documentation, project plan. Implementation included integration with Oracle ERP back office applications (that were in the process of being upgraded at the time) located in North America and Israel. Had to coordinate implementation activities to coincide with upgrade activities run by a separate team. Platform was deployed on AWS. Helped/advised client determine vendors for cloud hosting, security, licensing and other mission-critical components and applications.

Lessons Learned

Because of the logistics, communication was strained even though there was a centralized repository for all project data. Coordination of sign-offs (also logistical issue) created bottlenecks throughout the project. I would have taken this into account and stated a defined turnaround timeframe to minimize this issue.


support from colleagues
successful coordination
onshore/offshore model


management had to be convinced
steep learning curve
large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule
multiple countries

Technical Skills Used

  • Project Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Solution Architecture
  • Agile
  • Naperville41.7859-88.1473
  • Minneapolis (MN-US)44.98-93.2638
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