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Over 3 years ago
Solarwinds NPM, if implemented properly based on every user's need will definitely result in a good value for money.
Over 4 years ago
Yes, with your alerts well customized to meet your requirement. You will definite be sure to know when there is any fault or downtime on any device within your enviroment. Be it power, temperature or network related. Therefore Solarwinds modules most especially NPM has madeā€¦

About me

Abiodun Adebajo is a dynamic, innovative and experienced ICT Professional with over 10 years working experience in ICT, system integration, Wide Area networking with an excellent knowledge of telecoms industry.

I have proven ability to manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders while maintaining budget.

Working with different OEMs such as Cisco, Barracuda, Microsoft, Solarwinds, F5, Checkpoint etc.

I have strong interest in multinationals in telecoms, system integration, Internet of Things, other ICT industry mainly OEMs, as part of my development towards a position in Strategic Business Innovation and Consultancy services.

Specialties: Strategic Information Systems Planning, Business Strategy formulation, Change management, Business Transformation, Process improvement, E-business solutions design, Systems integration, Operations/Service management, Systems evaluation & selection, and Information Systems management.

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