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Over 4 years ago
I am really surprised that SolarWinds Log and Event Manager was not included in this discussion. LEM as its referred to no days, is a great SIEM tool. The Log monitoring more than meets our needs, reporting is fast and easy, and it has improved our security 100 time over…
Over 4 years ago
Overall, I feel you need to look for continuity, compatibility, and consistency. SolarWinds provides this, it also provides customizable interfaces to fit everyone's needs. With a always updating MIB database and several ways to identify hardware, NPM is the best tool I…
Over 4 years ago
Good post. I have found several efficiencies by using this product. I would agree it takes some time to get used to but it pays off to dive in and understand the principles of Adhoc reporting. Once you have it set up it makes the simple tasks even easier.
Over 4 years ago
AppInsight also ties in several other areas under one view, datastores, VM information, server status, etc. AppInsight is a valuable tool and I use it every day to ensure my companies applications are working so my users can keep working.
Over 4 years ago
One of the best parts about SolarWinds SAM is also the agent monitoring. Once you install the agent on a PC, its like supercharged SNMP. You have a smaller footprint and can see as much if not more data while monitoring everything. I agree here, you need to go to…

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