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Completed conversion of Changepoint reporting from Report Designer

100 people affected
8 month project

Project Description

Completed conversion of Changepoint reporting from Report Designer to COGNOS Report Studio:

This project involved identifying key business and financial reports being generated from our Changepoint system (SQL) for conversion from Report Designer to COGNOS Report Studio. Consultation with all departmental customers was undertaken. With the key legacy reports identified, IĀ began to analyze the data sources and develop replacements using the new COGNOS tool. COGNOS provides much stronger mathematical, analytic and graphic functionality, so enhancements were built into the new reports as they were built and tested. Conversion of the legacy reports was completed in about 8 months, 2 months ahead of schedule. Concurrent new development was also undertakenĀ as expertise and familiarity with the new reporting tool was gained. We are now producing very sophisticated analytical reports, graphing performance and using SQL queries to access raw data within the COGNOS reporting framework.

Lessons Learned

None that I can think of.


ahead of schedule
support from colleagues

Technical Skills Used

  • analytical ability
  • product knowledge
  • graphics
  • Calgary51.0501-114.085
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