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We have since partnered with Hortonworks and are researching into the Cloudera and MapR spaces right now as well. Though our strong suit is Hortonworks, we do have a good implementation team for any of the distributions.
Over 5 years ago
Netezza would have to be my answer as well. As mentioned before GreenPlum is on its way out as EMC has recently released multiple new platforms and are beginning to focus more along those lines. Netezza excels in the structured data capacity, but if you are looking for moreā€¦

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Colt has worked in many different areas over his time spent at his current company. He has gained expertise in the areas of Hortonworks Hadoop Stack, Splunk, and the Installation and Configuration of the Oracle Identity and Access Management Stack (Tools used including, but not limited to: OAM,OIM,OID,OUD,OHS, and OTD).