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Network performance, monitoring and reporting software shoud have (visible) feature set suited for the purpose. Users must feel themselves confident to use it. Intuitivity. Stability and reliability as well as speed is a must (appropriate application code language). Also I…

About me

For more than 10 years I have been engineering and supporting designs, solutions and IT resources in telecommunication, service integration and finance industry.
Furthermore, for past 6 years I have been member of an IT development team that managed the major infrastructure project in one of the largest corporate systems in country - upgrade of core, data center and security systems in Societe Generale Bank Serbia.
Building effective procedures respecting ITIL and newest security requirements contributes enterprise moving to reach and to satisfy PCI DS standards for the long run.

BASc in E-Business, Cisco Professional and DC Specialist, Brocade and ITIL certified.
Specialties: Network engineer with comprehensive experience in the Information Technology; Network Design and Security; Process and Task Management; System Planing and Monitoring