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Over 3 years ago
You know, it really depends. How many people are you supporting? What's your budget? Is it replacing something that may need data migrated? What kind of support will you need afterwards? What applications do you need to run and how long can you afford for the…
About 4 years ago
The Gartner Magic Quadrant report for 2017 list the Fortigate much higher than the Sophos. The Fortigate is listed as a Leader with Palo Alto and Check Point. The Sophos is listed in Visonaries category which is third on the list. With that being said, we have been very…
Over 4 years ago
Answered a question: Cisco Firepower vs. FortiGate
The Fortigate was built from the ground up as a next gen security device while the the ASA adds license features on top of its build to try to keep up with the changing security landscape, with the Firepower purchase being the latest. Are you comfortable in the CLI?…
Almost 7 years ago
The 200D might be a little overkill for only 30 users. An 80C would probably suit your needs especially if you don't have all 30 users on at the same time. That box provides IPS, AV, web filtering subscriptions, and VPN capabilities…
Almost 7 years ago
I start with ease of use and ease of implementation followed by how it works with different vendors and devices from UPSs to servers to switches