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Bring Your Own

Project Description

Implemented a BYOD strategy on a shoestring budget by using technologies already implemented for other business reasons, including:-

  • IBM Notes Traveler to control devices to an appropriate level to enable partial or full (with employees permission) of lost/stolen or compromised devices.
  • Citrix XenDesktop to enable us to run a corporate desktop on a BYOD in a totally secure sandbox environment.
  • Intranet to enable the process of joining the scheme, downloading the necessary device configuration and enabling access to the BYOD WiFi SSID.
  • A fully segmented WAN/LAN across most of our sites, incorporating WiFi, ensuring all BYOD traffic was kept totally separate from all other corporate and guest network traffic.

Employing a YOYO (You're on your own) support strategy supported by user documentation, whereby staff were responsible for fixing their own issues around BYOD unless there was a wider problem affecting many users is one of the cornerstones of a very well received project. Having appropriate user policies and guidelines that staff buy into, limitting the strategy to Apple only (excluding Windows devices, Blackberrys and Android) and using existing investments all have contributed to rolling out BYOD on a shoestring budget.

Lessons Learned

  1. Not limit the device lockout time to only 2 minutes for the first pilot. It turned alot of people off.
  2. Invest in the greater capacity of IBM Notes Traveler and Internet Bandwidth immediately after the successful pilots.
  3. Create a white-list of recommended apps that were compatible with our corporate Windows desktop applications.
  4. Start a blog from day one.


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