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3 months ago
The simple answer is "no". It is not required but, for improved resilience due to power or power supply issues I would recommend it.  One thing to remember is that when using dual power supplies it is my recommendation to have one fed from a source with ups backup and the…
3 months ago
We had this same discussion recently with my organization. It came down to the security of the platform.  Fortinet has had a number of breaches over the last 2 years and this was a key factor in our decision.  The challenge with Check Point will be the transition from our…
3 months ago
In order to recover from rommon you will need to re-install an OS on the switch.  This is accomplished via a TFTP download. The commands can be found on the Cisco website. You will need to have a TFTP server running on a PC you connect to the switch. I recommend using…

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