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4 months ago
@David Swift, I agree with you. However, suppose small and medium-sized businesses want to acquire SIEM products to manage vulnerabilities, compliance, log management, correlation, dark web monitoring, etc. In that case, UTMStack can be a cost-effective solution. What do you…
5 months ago
@Evgeny Belenky Log retention for 30 days is usually enough for most small and medium-sized businesses looking for threat management and detection capabilities.  One popular example of this is Alienvault OSSIM which also has 30 days of retention.  More than 30 days…
5 months ago
@Evgeny Belenky UTMStack delivers a free version all the time if the enterprises decide it.  This version contains all the UTMStack functions, but the log retention is for 30 days, and Support is community-based in the user community.
5 months ago
@Shibu Babuchandran UTMStack is a free Next-Gen SIEM and compliance platform that includes all the essential cybersecurity services, flatting the learning curve and reducing cybersecurity costs to small and medium-sized enterprises. Also, it includes all those features that…



3 months ago
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