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Over 1 year ago
You wont find a single tool that will report on all the vulnerabilities that can crop up in your infrastructure. Such a tool would need to cover too many areas (On-Prem or Cloud, Network, Database(s)....). A better approach is to start by assessing what you absolutely must…
Over 1 year ago
A risk-based approach is more effective but we need to go beyond just risk-based vulnerability assessment. We need to take into account the impact on our business and brand reputation of data being compromised, we need to take into account whether we are getting better or…
Over 1 year ago
As data increasingly moves from on-prem to Public Cloud, we need a complete rethink about how we view and protect our critical databases. It is common for Cloud databases to be spun up, data ingested and then the database taken down again very quickly. In this situation its…