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19 days ago
We have been using CentOS for running different network management and monitoring applications. We have CentOS for DNS, Subscriber Management, Network Monitoring, Databases and Remote Network Management Servers.
21 days ago
@reviewer1602072  Thank you Sunil for your valuable inputs
25 days ago
I am pleased to see what other tools you have used before switching to Zabbix, out of those I have only used PRTG and I see Zabbix as a better option by far.
28 days ago
Answered a question: RHEL or SUSE Linux Enterprise?
Their performances and pricing are comparable.  RHEL is more popular in terms of security, stability and reliability. RHAL has more addons to offer and offers more popular cloud services too.
28 days ago
I have replaced 100ing's with Sophos XG230's and 1000ing with Sophos XG450 and they are doing great.  You also have to consider some new requirements you may have in the future and whether you will need to integrate a firewall with your endpoint security solution. Take a…
3 months ago
Personally, I have new requirements day by day.  Started with Grafana for visualization, Email and some webhook applications like Telegram, Slack and Mattermost for notification. Looking forward to integrating with automation tools like Ansible, Hashcorp consul and Rundeck…
3 months ago
We use Postman for testing and validating API's. Used it for testing, debugging and validating SOAP and HTTP API's.
8 months ago
The main reason large companies invest in paid solutions is the advanced and timely support  provided when using paid solutions. And of course those who sell the solutions need to do a good support job to continue selling their products. Using open source solutions means…

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