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14 days ago
Ariel, Thank you for your question hope you are finding many answers to assist you here. My own opinion on this will probably be in line with multiple others here. Several questions I like to ask during this process are as follows: -Will this be hosted on cloud or…
21 days ago
Satish, Thank you for your well-thought-out and detailed question on this topic. Many will have many opinions on this so prepare to get a little overwhelmed. Is this protection for your 10k+ staff or you're looking to resell this as a service? Sophos EDR is a possible…
28 days ago
I haven't used Cortex. My worry with it and every other solution is how well does it perform when disconnected from the cloud/ the internet? S1 - I have been using it for a couple of years now without an issue. I had been using Cylance prior. I've been very happy with the…
About 1 month ago
@Samy Adel, Thank you for the question. I hope you discover the answers here. First off does this company want to manage the EDR solution on-prem, or would they prefer a hosted solution? Windows-based shop or are the end points Mac, and Linux as well? EDR's I do prefer…
About 2 months ago
Having used both I'd go with something other than either of these two solutions.  Both deep dive onto your local computers making them impossible to remove, Should the need arise you'll end up having to reimage equipment to fully remove the products. Bloated and they dig…
2 months ago
S1 for sure.  Disconnect Falcon from the internet and it looses its ability to do anything. Falcon is still a fine product, for EDR I'd go S1.
About 3 years ago
Consult with several VARs with any product being looked at. If possible work directly with the vendor of the product to avoid the VAR pressing you in any one direction. The product vendor can then point you to the proper/ best fit VAR offering the best price for the product…



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Endpoint Protection for Business (EPP)
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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
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Endpoint Protection for Business (EPP)