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About 2 months ago
@Evgeny Belenky  Go through 3rd party independent testing reports, MITRE attack reports. Understanding it is a challenge, then do a PoC, and then you will be able to judge it.  S1 threat hunting capabilities, detection & protection is the real deal.
Over 1 year ago
Veeam is a good easy to use backup solution. But it has some limitations when you have an HCI Infrastructure like Nutanix.  Veeam BEM though can manage the jobs in Nutanix but if I need to fetch any reports for compliance requirements, it's not available. BEM will provide…
Over 1 year ago
The endpoint is the weakest link on the network Since we put in all the best security measures protecting the data, the users/endpoints have access to data directly, hence businesses should have the same level of security measures on the endpoints. 
Over 1 year ago
Threat Hunting, Threat Feed and Analytics. Visibility and Co-Relation of Threats Cloud Based Management