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HA Infrastructure for a Swiss FinTech Company

25 people affected
8 month project

Project Description

The Client is one of the biggest and fastest-growing providers of comprehensive technology and outsourcing solutions for wealth management in Switzerland.

The Challenge:

The client was struggling with a costly infrastructure that provided very low issue response speed. They were looking for a reliable DevOps partner to help them build new, modern infrastructure with a much more efficient way of utilizing resources, unified builds for their .NET, C++, WPF, and iOS applications, and automated testing process.

Expertise delivered:

  • VSphere ESXi Infrastructure Design.
  • DevOps Consulting.
  • Docker Adoption.
  • Monitoring System Integration.
  • Logging System Integration.
  • Centralized User Management / LDAP integration.
  • CI/CD design and development.
  • Infrastructure as Code Development.

Read the full case study here: https://greg-solutions.com/cases/swiss-finance/


ahead of schedule
under budget
support from colleagues


steep learning curve
hard to meet schedule

Technical Skills Used

  • VSphere ESXi Infrastructure Design
  • DevOps Consulting
  • Docker Adoption
  • Monitoring System Integration
  • Logging System Integration
  • LDAP integration
  • CI/CD design and development
  • Infrastructure as Code Development
  • Zurich (ZH-CH)47.36678.55
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