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Cost-Effective and Scalable AWS Infrastructure for A Trading

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Project Description

Cost-Effective & Scalable AWS Infrastructure for A Trading Platform

MyBotGarage is an innovative cloud-based, high-frequency trading platform for digital assets. It is a simple, profitable and efficient way to trade on the world’s fastest-growing crypto market called Binance Futures

The Challenge:

The client was looking for DevOps engineers familiar with the specifics of Blockchain, cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges. Greg Solutions, as a company working with both DevOps and Blockchain, was a natural fit.

Achieved results:

  • Designed and implemented an AWS infrastructure with decreased costs by 82%.
  • Deployed AWS Elastic Kubernetes clusters.
  • Deployed scalable proxy services on top of Elastic Container Service and implemented scaling process.
  • Configured CI/CD pipelines.
  • Improved audit - added centralized logging, monitoring, and user management.
  • Conducted a penetration analysis & improved disaster recovery.

Read more: https://greg-solutions.com/cases/cost-effective-scalable-aws-infrastructure-for-a-trading-platform/


ahead of schedule
under budget
received a promotion
support from colleagues


large no. of people impacted
hard to meet schedule

Technical Skills Used

  • DevOps Consulting
  • AWS Infrastructure Design
  • AWS Infrastructure Cost Reduction
  • Kubernetes & Docker Adoption
  • CI/CD Implementation
  • Monitoring System Integration
  • Logging System Integration
  • Infrastructure as a Code Development

Technical Certifications Used

  • AWS Solution Architect - Associate
  • HashiCorp Certified - Terraform Associate
  • L'viv49.838324.0232
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