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Over 3 years ago
Whatever backup/recovery you use, it all depends on the administrator. Perseverance is key. All backup software are designed to recover data. It is up to the administrator to make it work and ensure that data is recoverable. I've been using/working with a different backup…
About 5 years ago
TSM tape management is one of the best in this domain. From collocation, migration, reclamation, to tape offsiting. No need to know what data is on the tape. Just select the file to restore from the client side amd TSM server will do the rest.
About 5 years ago
TSM is a great product. The challenge is, most users are using strategies based on popular backup solutions. Popular backup solutions does not blend well with TSM's strategy, incremental forever, ITIL based administration to name a few. Because of this, users can not…
About 5 years ago
For reporting and alerts, use Operations Center or TSM Monitoring. Both offers excellent reporting and alerting function

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