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Which tool do you recommend for business process modeling only?


I have been tasked to reengineer all business processes. I need to know which tool will be the best fit for me to use with these criteria:

  • 3 to 5 Process designers
  • Common workspace
  • Affordable 

I need the tool to model processes first (1 year), then I will upgrade to business interactions, RPA, and cost efficiency calculations at the later stage. 

I appreciate your inputs.

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There are many BPM applications available.  

Camunda and Pega BPM are two good choices, but I don't know how you define "affordable."  If you want a very simple graphic application that is easy to learn and use, then Visio is useable, but not dynamic in any sense.  

Take a look at Camunda and Pega BPM (also called Pega Systems) and see if they will work for you. You should be able to get a trial for either of them.  Good luck!

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Based on the conditions you specify, I conclude that it is an extensive process modeling that you will do. One year and 3 to 5 designers.
I suggest Sparx Enterpise Architect for process modeling and RPA and another tool for cost efficiency calculations.

Sparx Enterprise architect is available both as a viewer and modeling tool. Which can be an advantage if non-designers will also be able to see the models. Good luck

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When I hear people all about BPMN modelling, I immediately wonder what they are going to use for organizational/role modelling, information modeling, location modelling and event modelling. Then there's application and technology modelling. 

If you are embarking on a small, very process oriented project, then there are plenty of free BPMN platforms, including community brains of Bonita Studio and Process Maker.

If however you are in any way dreaming with organisational issues, application architecture or information modeling, you really need an enterprise modelling tool to give you the context for your process improvement effort. 

I would like to suggest BOC's tool, Adonis Community as a great way to model your enterprise. They provide it for free; you just need to login once a month to keep the account going. I have used it in my consulting work for two different councils here in Victoria, Australia in the past two years, and found it very effective. You can generate an interactive HTML website from it that can distributed so people can navigate it; and there is now an Android (unsure of other platforms) app for users to navigate models.

As for Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), I've been involved with then since 2005, and have used several. Here's a brief article I wrote: https://theprocess.expert/2020....

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Blueworks Live by IBM is an exceptional tool for process modeling and discovery. 

Unlike many other modeling tools, Blueworks generates BPMN 2.0 behind the scenes so that, once you are ready to move forward with automation, you will be well-positioned.

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IBM BlueworksLive will be an ideal solution. Since you are envisaging only 3 to 5 process designers, IBM BlueworksLive will be the perfect fit. 

Moreover, with any standards, IBM BlueworksLive is cost-effective and affordable.  

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Bizagi process modeler


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I would suggest QualiWare. You can get the easy to use cost-effective web-based QualiWare Plus and Collaboration licenses (details below). Put this in a SaaS cloud for a year (we offer that in North America - see  SaaS Pricing Billed Annually - CloseReach Ltd.) while you improve internal process management capabilities and grow from there. You get all the benefits of a full EA tool with integrated repository while eliminating the file sharing and spreadsheets you would still need with just a diagramming tool like Visio.

QualiWare Collaboration PLUS Web license that includes all Collaboration license functionality plus permits web users to interact with QualiWare repository content from web-forms or via web-services (create, read, update, delete) allowing domain experts to effortlessly contribute their specialized knowledge to EA content creation, editing and governance. Also includes Web-based modeling for building process and workflow diagrams, (BusinessProcessDiagram, BusinessProcessNetwork, WorkFlowDiagram, BusinessProcessNetwork:Archimate). Each Collaboration PLUS license requires an underlying Collaboration license.

QualiWare Collaboration Web license for dynamic web portal access involving the ability to access OOTB or customized diagrams, templates and objects. Enables web registration (create) of Change Requests, Problems, Comments, Ideas, Ratings, Subscriptions, Acknowledgements and execution of all Governance Workflow Actions. Captures web statistics on the organization's performance and use of web content published by QEP, and presents the information in web charts/dashboards designed for decision makers.

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