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Which product has better reputation: Carbon Black CB Defense or CrowdStrke Falcon?


I'm working at a Biotechechnological company and I have been researching Endpoint Protection (EPP) solutions. 

I need some help from the community to understand which product has a better reputation: Carbon Black CB Defense or CrowdStrke Falcon. Please share your advice. 

Thanks in advance.

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They are both fantastic tools for protection, however, Carbon Black's administrative interface is a bit more intuitive, and their support seems to have a better depth of knowledge at each level.  

Carbon Black is also, typically, MUCH more expensive. Just like every other IT component, your company can get as much IT K (in this case security) as it is willing to pay for. If protecting your IP from prying eyes is of value to your company, then Carbon Black is worth the money.  

CrowdStrike Falcon is VERY GOOD, but having worked with both, Carbon Black Protect and Defense combo are just enough better to warrant the cost.

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