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Which monitoring solution is better - New Relic or Datadog?

I'm researching monitoring solutions. Which monitoring solution is better - New Relic or Datadog?


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That is not an easy question, and fully depends on you needs and requirements.

In my opinion, if you are talking about a monitoring solution, i assume that you are looking for an end-to-end insight in your architecture and what is going on there. I would therefore recommend a true monitoring solution like New-Relic or one of their competitors (Dynatrace, Instana, ...).

However, if you want a tool to speed up things that are already visible, but are hard to do: Searching in your log files, plotting your request return values, querying metric data, filtering on several dimensions, ..., you might be better of with a tool like Datadog. 

In my personal experience, a systems engineer or ops-guy, usually likes Datadog more, as it is the more powerful tool in your hands. On the other hand, business oriented people tend to like real APM solutions like New Relic more as it is a product they can use.

Dev-guys like myself are in between. We like the beauty of the APM tools, and the answers they provide, but we can also see the more powerful options of Datadog-like tools. 

Basically: Are you looking for a product that gives you answers, buy New Relic or similar; if you are looking for a tool where you are free to build whatever you want, use Datadog  

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