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Which Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is the best for a disaster recovery solution?


My environment is as follows:

  • APP server
  • Web servers
  • SQL servers
  • File servers

We have 25 servers and 100 users. 

Use case: Production and Distribution

Which Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), in your opinion, is the best and the most suitable (for my environment) for a disaster recovery solution?

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So you have 25 physical servers you want to virtualize, or are there 25 VMs which need a DR solution?
In both cases: this is a rather small setup.
We host over 20 VMs per physical Host. 

You could virtualize with ESXi and protect the VMs with Veeam. 3 Hosts for virtualization and 1 or 2 Hosts for disaster coverage in case that disaster strikes. But that would have to be on another datacenter (if you have the space or a 2nd location, cloud would work also). Not really HCI, but works.
With Nutanix you could use a single block (3 or 4 nodes in single chassis) for production and maybe a small 2-node-cluster to use for disaster recovery. With Nutanix Xi Leap you can leverage cloud if a dedicated DR cluster is too much. With Nutanix you have free hypervisor choice as they can use ESXi, Hyper-V and their own AHV. ESXi would contribute to more license costs of course.

Cloud depends on your internet uplink. So be sure to look into that when considering.

My personal preference is Nutanix. Their support is just awesome.

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