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What tool do you recommend using for VoIP monitoring for a mid-sized enterprise?

What tools are best to use to monitor the quality of VoIP network for a mid-sized enterprise?

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You can use the IP SLA feature running on Cisco routers. As so, you can define many protocols to monitoring. You have to confogure a router as IP SLA sender and many routers or devices as IP SLA responders. Depending of the feautures of the responders, you can see ICMP, UDP, TCP responders. If you have VoIP responders, you can monitor also the jitters and the MOS values.

All of this results are loaded in the IP SLA sender router. The you can see theses statistics (history, graphs) with monitoring tools, as PRTG or WUG. Are you working with Cisco devices? If yes, this is a great and powerful way.

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I have seen Nagios, PRTG and ManageEngine

These are all appropriate tools. Just adding my own experience as having the opportunity to have worked with all.

Nagios , easy to implement, agents easy to install, interface management for alerts: good

PRTG , easy to implement, agents very easy to install, interface management for alerts: good

ManageEngine is more modular to implement, agents easy to install, interface management for alerts: very good

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Using LogicMonitor, you can monitor network equipment and servers, I think this depends on your equipment,

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Nagios XI is the commercial, easier-to-use version of the Nagios core open source version, but still has the extensibility of core. Tends to be very price competitive too.

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PRTG is the best that I have used ever, Check its sensors and If you didn't find the sensor that you are looking for you can create your own one meanwhile you can request it from the development team.


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I kindly suggest Manage Engine Opsmanager.

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You can use PRTG Network Monitor. It has the built-in ability to monitor VoIP between end points. 

Feel free to contact me in case you want to discuss more on that.

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My recommendation using Nagios XI. they easy to implement and easy to administrating. 

Nagios XI also have the Plugin for VoIP 

Nagios Plugin to check Call Quality in SIP VoIP (compatible with checkmk, etc) sipnagios implements the Nagios plugin API for monitoring and performance data. sipnagios.c is a modification of the original siprtp.c sample in pjproject distribution

You can have it at github.com/gmaruzz/sipnagios

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