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What needs improvement with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager?


Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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The solution could improve by being more secure.

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Its whole architecture is a bit traditional. They can change the architecture to make it more modern and multi-tenant. Currently, we can do multi-tenancy, but we need to buy another product. Its look and feel can be improved. They can also put in more effort into building the THWACK community and use the information about various customer issues and requests to build the new releases.

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The integration with the network performance monitor wasn't complete as at the last time I used it. It has a separate interface page within the web interface. I would prefer to have the NCM features on the same interface as the natural performance monitor device page. For each device, when you open the network performance monitor, it will give you all of the information about the device, but many of the natural configuration management features are not on that page. You have to go to a separate page. It would be nice to have tighter integration with the NPM (Network Performance Monitor). I would like to see NCM be more aggressive in adding new device support to the product.

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The network logs could be improved. When the error logs come across with those false positive alarms in the error logs. We see days or weeks on those error messages. I think this needs to be addressed or they need to mitigate the house cleaning or the housekeeping of those errors or those logs. I mean that's one of the things that I will say that can be a little challenging sometimes. I'd like to see when you look for the node, via IP or via the name of the product, a quicker response in the search for the node. Sometimes when I search it, I have to look three times for the node in a different way. The search for that particular device or search for that particular product, I have to sometimes dig in on my own DNS and find the IP. Then I go to SolarWinds copy and paste it the IP. It's a pain. Let's say the search or the browse for any particular note needs to be improved for the GUI.

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The Network Configuration Manager needs to improve the access control list compliance.

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On NCM, reporting could be a bit better. It's completely become just one report. When I try to create a custom report, the solution just commits old server data. They need to make a health checkup report in a new release.

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The solution could offer a better compliance report. GDPR has many security standards. If a company is working with an international client, it must be compliant with any standards. We work with a bank, financial companies, and an insurance company. They need to be compliant and the core customer compliance is our main challenge. The interface of solar winds could be improved.

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