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What needs improvement with AWS Database Migration Service?

Please share with the community what you think needs improvement with AWS Database Migration Service.

What are its weaknesses? What would you like to see changed in a future version?

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Database Migration Service could be more integrated. I think that it makes sense to add integration to these functions. For example, AWS Glue has a feature called Orchestrator to create data flows, and that's more straightforward. But it's not easy to do the same things with Database Migration Service.

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I think that Amazon needs to improve the migration scenarios after analytics. We need more migration tools or more specific tools for migration and licenses. It's a very complicated scenario because, in some cases, we need specific licenses to create new instances, and some instances are very expensive. That's a very manual scenario.

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There is something where AWS Database Migration can be improved. Many of the application teams don't want to invest on a migration. They don't want to use the Database Migration service. They want us to export to the dump point, database backup, and then put it into the RDS. There is not a cast and mold on it except in the database and that's it. So migrating from here and pushing the data from on-premise to AWS cloud is a big challenge, and a few more services from AWS would be helpful. For example, currently we are using ILDB internet tools which move data from on-premise to AWS cloud. I need a few more services which would be really helpful for me to move the master data.

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The pricing can be better and it should be more competitive, so I would like to see an improvement there.

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It would be helpful if the bandwidth could be independent of the network or if we could have a dedicated bandwidth for this product. In terms of dedicated bandwidth, if it can be support Excel or prioritize Excel based on the data it is going to transfer, it would be better.

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There's some functionality that we're waiting on, like the problem scheduler. It's not yet supported in the current product. The solution could use schedule linking. I'm keen to get that from the solution in the future.

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