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What is your primary use case for ExtraHop Reveal(x)?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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We are not a user, but a service provider.

ExtraHop is an enterprise cyber analytics company.
ExtraHop analyzes all network interactions in real-time and leverage machine learning to identify threats, deliver critical applications.

Currently, most organizations have solutions to instrument their endpoints and monitor the north-south traffic traversing their perimeter.

However, there is much less instrumentation on what is going on within the enterprise … this activity is also known as East-West communications. Many of the tools that we’ve been buying are not designed to turn on the lights in this Darkspace. For example, your DBA doesn’t want you to put an agent on a production database because it adds overhead.

Some of the standard use cases include:-
IT MODERNIZATION ( Like Data centre Consolidation, Cloud Migration, Edge Devices & IoT SDN & Virtualization )

NETWORK PERFORMANCE ( Like Remote Site Visibility, Infrastructure Refresh, Triage & Troubleshooting )

SECURITY OPERATIONS ( Like Threat Detection & Response, SOC Modernization, Cloud Security, Hygiene & Compliance )

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We have implemented the ExtraHop Reveal(x) solution at multiple clients. They range from government, retail to financial. We collect north-south and east-west traffic via a visibility layer (packet brokers, taps, spans) and then feed that traffic to the ExtraHop Reveal (x) solution. The volume ranges from 1 GB solutions up to 40 GB solutions with 100 GB in the pipeline. Initially, we approached them for application performance analysis, but we now use it to assist the security teams as well. The behavioral analytics and ability to go back in history is proving extremely valuable.

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We primarily use the solution for three main aspects: security, visibility, and application performance.

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