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What is the pricing of IBM MQ for 1 license and 2 cores?


I'm the Senior Software Test Analyst at a Tech Services company. 

Currently, I'm struggling to get the correct pricing for the IBM MQ series for 1 license and 2 cores.

I've researched and found out only this one the Internet:

1. Is it the correct information? Is it possible to purchase just 1 license (for 2 cores)?

2. Can anyone point me out to the right place to request/purchase this license? What is the correct process to complete this task?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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22 Answers

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Hi - the best thing to do is open a chat at www.ibm.com/products/MQ or send a message to askmessaging@uk.ibm.com who will help you. 

I don't think those prices are right - it is correct that IBM MQ is licensed by capacity and you can work out how many licenses you need for your hardware by looking at the PVU tables here: https://www.ibm.com/software/p... (or use the calculator on that same page). 

It is possible to purchase MQ licenses for single or multiple cores on large machines (this is called "sub-capacity licensing") so you only pay for what you're using so you can make it quite cost-effective.

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Hi @Viktor Dolyna, @Walter Kuhn, @George Thomas, @Jitendra Jethwa, @Paulo Toscano ​and @Sunil Sahoo,

Can you please assist and share some information with your peer - @Irfaan Rahim?

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