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What is the main difference between EMM and UEM?

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Let's discuss together what is the main difference between Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)? What is the relation between the two of them?


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Enterprise Mobility Management ensures that everything is manageable in one central environment. Both the devices, the applications that run on them and the access to data.

Enterprise Mobility Management is the merger of MDM and MAM and also has an important addition. In addition to the hardware and applications, EMM focuses (even) more emphatically on data security. After all, as a company you not only want to properly arrange access to company and customer data, it is also important to keep control over where that data is allowed to move. Unified Endpoint Management is a further development of EMM and focuses on other devices connected to the internet in addition to smartphones and tablets. Laptops, the hand scanners from the warehouse and even Internet of Things sensors can be managed with this.

The arrival of UEM fits in seamlessly with EMM. The continuation of the Bring your own device development has partly contributed to this. Employees want to work not only with their own private phones, but also with a laptop of their choice. “It ensures that a wide variety of devices are in use inside and outside the company premises. From machines with Windows or MacOS to Chrome OS.' In order to then be able to draw one line in the handling of applications, data and security, UEM is necessary. 'Most solutions for Enterprise Mobility Management have already been further developed to UEM.'

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@Michel Timp, thank you so much for such an in-detail answer!

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Hi @Tony Moore , @Ayesha Imtiaz ​, @Hans Van Oorschot@Ahmad Zuhdi ​and @Michel Timp. Can you please chime in and share some of your knowledge? 

Your help is highly appreciated.

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