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What is the best Windows MSI installer?

What is the best Windows installer, either open-source or less than $1K, that supports MSI, has a decent GUI, supports upgrades and has a quick learning curve?

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it depends on whether you want GUI or a command line.

Only command line wix but it is not user-friendly.

GUI installers are "install aware" & "Inno Setp".

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After having tested several ones I came to the conclusion that there is no Installer that fits your criteria. We have thus switched to WiX. There is a WiX-Editor that let's you do some changes in a sort of GUI but WiX was and is a lot of code writing. It produces clean MSI-Installers that are very much liked by system engineers on the client side.

WiX is free but has a long learning curve (calculate 2 weeks until you have the first working MSI for an average complex installer).

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