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What is the best backup solution for Sybase ASE 15.5?

Hi community members,

I'm looking for the best backup solution for Sybase ASE 15.5. We should be able to perform both incremental and full backup. 

I appreciate your help.

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Sybase ASE has built-in support with IBM Spectrum Protect.

Another way is to use SPFS (a file system for Spectrum Protect); where you can mount the IBM Spectrum Protect storage as a filesystem/mount point or drive letter on your server, and in this way have full control of both the methods used to take the backups and being able to browse your data using normal OS commands; such as ls / DIR.

As you have full control, you need fewer educations, no need to learn how a backup agent works.

Search for gsd + spfs +, and you will find the SPFS solution listed on the IBM site. Couldn't paste the linke here?


# mount -t spfs /backup
(or right click "My Computer" -> mount on Windows)

> DUMP DATABASE mydb TO DISK = '/backup/mydb.dmp'
> GO

Another way to protect Sybase ASE is to use database consistent snapshot, where each snapshot is stored on the IBM Spectrum Protect server using progressive block level incremental forever (always incremental backup) techniques.

It quiece the database, take a local snapshot, release quiece, and send incremental changes of the local snapshot since last taken snapshot to the backup server.

This way, you have a backup time that is faster the more often you take it, as only incremental changes will be sent.

Restore is nearly instant, as the snapshot will be provisioned from the IBM Spectrum Protect backup server storage via the IBM Spectrum Protect Client API as a local snapshot disk, which can be assigned to a new empty or existing storage on the same or new server.

The operating system can then be reverted to the previous snapshot, which starts a "copy back" in the background.

The Sybase ASE database can be started immediately; while the operating system is reverting to the previous snapshot in the background.

The restore time will be only a few minutes regardless of the size of the database.

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As a Market leader Netbackup provides a heterogeneous backup solution for large-scale data centers. 

This includes Sybase database support, which provides a centralized backup and restore solution for all your Sybase database servers using the same storage used for all your other backups optimizing your backup storage usage. 

Also, it provides a transparent "backup and restore" service for the Sybase database admin using their own tools: Isql or DBIsql.


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