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What is a good replacement for Tibco Rendezvous (RV) in a highly distributed environment?

We have Tibco RV deployed for messaging both request reply and certified delivery in a highly distributed environment.

This is a very old 2004 deployment and Tibco itself has now moved away from RV. 

What could be a good alternative for Bank financial transactions like messages movement with security reliability, no loss and guaranteed delivery in a distributed environment?

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Apache Kafka is a good solution for your requirements. It can handle millions of requests without loss. Even if the messages are not processed you can go back and look at those records.

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We are in a similar situation where we want to replace some old messaging products towards more modern platforms. The majority of the queues will be replaced by either API's (RR) or topics on an event bus (based on Kafka). 

However, these solutions are not optimal for a "process exactly once" pattern which is quite common in payment chains. For this use case, we first looked into ActiveMQ but now we are switching to Pulsar which looks promising so far though we still have some struggles with message replication to other regions and still maintaining the process exactly once required.

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MQ is a good messaging solution, we use extensively transmitting millions of messages, with assured delivery. 

It is very flexible, used on Aix/Linux/Zlinux and MQ on Appliance. Using it with MQ clustering provides failover. MQ on Appliance with clusters is a good HA/Failover solution. It all depends on your need.

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Yes, RV is very old now and as a company we now sell TIBCO Messaging under which our customers can use and be supported with either FTL, EMS, Apache Kafka, Pulsar or Mosquito. We do not believe that a single 'one-size-fits-all' approach is good for customers hence the reason to give our customers the best flexibility to choose a messaging distribution solution based on their needs and allow them even greater flexibility to adopt different patterns throughout their product's lifecycle all backed by enterprise support from a company that's been in the messaging industry for nearly 40 years.

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You may want to have a look at "Workato". It is built on Docker technology & can give near-zero downtime even during upgrades/patching.